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Tips for A Perfect Look with Belts

Try different ways of wearing a belt until you like it

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Belts are fashionable and important accessories in all ladies’ closest, when worn properly, belts are dear addition to your look. The most important advice that stylists always recommend is to choose the belt that satisfies you and would be flattering on you.

When to Wear a Belt:

  • Wear a belt as often as you would like.
  • Wear a belt to help break up the transition between a loose top and tight bottom and vise versa.
  • When you want to hide waistline imperfections or when you want to highlight your waist.

Do Not Wear a Belt:

  • One of the mistakes anyone of us would make is to wear a belt on Cardigans, tunics, blouses or sweaters you chose to leave untucked. Also if your pants or jeans rest on your hips and they don’t have belt loops.

How to Wear a Belt

On the Waist

If you decide to wear a belt on the waist, find the narrowest part of your upper body and that is your waistline. Some ideas on how to wear a belt on the waist include:

  • With a flowy long skirt
  • With a form fitting skirt or cocktail dress
  • To cinch a bulky fall or winter jacket
  • Shiny skinny belt to add contrast to a tailored suit

At the Hips

When trying a belt at the hips, medium or wider belts work best. Try wearing a hip belt with:

  • A maxi dress
  • To dress up jeans and a t-shirt
  • With a short, summery dress

The days of matching the belt to the shoes and handbag have already gone. In fact, a belt works best when it stands on its own, drawing attention to the waist it cinches so well.

Because we are all different, the most important advice is to try different ways of wearing a belt until you like what you see.


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