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The Perfect Addition to your Coffee: UAE Brand Tres Marias Launches New Plant-Based Milk Line, Company Announces Expansion to the MENA Region

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Leading the nation’s bean industry, Maria Pavani and her growing company, Tres Marias have perfected yet another product to givev lovers that premium coffee experience in their own homes. Specializing in sustainable, environmentally-conscious, and high-demand coffee, this UAE homegrown brand is launching its newest range of plant-based barista milk, the quintessential partner to a great coffee experience and is now poised to distribute its innovative and unique products across the Middle East and North Africa region.
Tres Marias’ Barista Plant-Based Milk comes in three different flavors – Oat, Soya, Almond are now available, and soon, Coconut flavor will be making its way to the market as well.
“The idea of creating Tres Marias’ own line of barista plant-based milk came across my mind one morning as I was having a cup of coffee. As a coffee expert, it has been a struggle to find really good plant-based milk with the right taste and texture, that completes a great cup of coffee. Today, I am happy that we have been able to achieve this milestone and develop a reasonably priced product which I am very proud of,” says Tres Marias’ founder, Maria Pavani.

“No cows were harmed” during the process of making Tres Marias’ newest plant-based barista milk products according to its founder, Maria Pavani.

Tres Marias is celebrating its radiant growth, announcing a big breakthrough as the brand officially expands from the UAE to the rest of the GCC including KSA, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan and most recently Qatar. The primary focus of the MENA expansion is on the food service market through HORECA, with plans to grow the business further next year through the retail sector.
“Tres Marias is expected to grow by 70% this year, and with the successful launch of our plant-based milk line, our projection is to do a further 35% growth in 2023 within the plant-based category, comments Maria.
The 31-year-old founder adds, “This is a crucial moment for Tres Marias. Expanding regionally requires a lot of groundwork from the entire team including myself, but we are all excited to take on the challenge and embark in this new chapter for the brand.”

Tres Marias Coffee began its journey in the UAE in June 2019, partnering with Ally Coffee, the official and exclusive distributor of the company when it launched its pioneer product – locally roasted coffee beans sourced from farms all across the world. The success of roasted coffee beans was followed by the formulation and distribution of the first-of-its-kind specialty instant coffee and coffee capsules that naturally became the favourites in Dubai.
Tres Marias continued its momentum and introduced a sustainable, inclusive, and unique product – the special coffee popsicles. With six new flavours – including a vegan option, the coffee popsicle revolutionized the coffee experience of the community.
The growing popularity of Tres Marias coffee products also paved way for the company to collaborate with like-minded brands such as Bakeria by Emarat, Pinza, Crank, Maiz Tacos, The Acai Spot, Virgin Megastore, Tavola, and Bidfood to elevate its distribution.
“Internationally, the UAE occupies the 35th spot in terms of coffee consumption, which is growing at the rate of 30 percent each year. Specialty coffee is in high demand in this region, and we at Tres Marias are listening! Our aim is to make coffee accessible for everyone, anytime and anywhere. We always say coffee should be as
easy to get as groceries. People do not need to travel to a café to get the same level of coffee experience when they can get that easily at home through the great quality products that we offer,” Maria shared.

Today, the company is looking forward to bringing their beans to markets all over the MENA region and beyond. Behind the thriving coffee company is female-entrepreneur, Maria Pavani, who envisions Tres Marias to shine as bright as the Orion Constellation’s “The Three Kings’ Star” where its name originated. With her skills and involvement in the coffee industry, Maria trained extensively to expand her knowledge of the whole coffee supply chain — from grounds to the market. Known as one of the pioneer professionals in the region’s coffee industry, female entrepreneur and coffee connoisseur Maria with her team is now building her coffee empire in the region.

Globally, there are around 270 million dairy cows used to make milk. According to, a website promoting conscious consumerism, they require nine times as much land and produces three times as much carbon emissions than any non-dairy milk alternative.
Tres Marias is on a mission to ensure a sustainable future for milk and help spread awareness for responsible consumption.
Enriching the coffee bean culture, Tres Marias Coffee also explores and implements inclusive and environment-sustainable products and services that will appeal to not only coffee enthusiasts but also to the eco-warriors in the region. The company has pledged to its initiative of ‘From seed to earth-from earth to bean – from bean to cup and back down to earth’ – and to bring this green commitment to life, carbon dioxide neutral bags, biodegradable and compostable coffee capsules, and even vegan coffee popsicles were developed and offered by the coffee company.
With a mission of “transforming the coffee experience in people’s lives”, Tres Marias continues to innovate and perfect their coffee craft – and they can’t wait for more people in the MENA region and all over the world, to be able to sit back with a cup of Tres Marias coffee.
For the perfect coffee experience right at the comfort of your own home, Tres Marias offers worldwide shipping of their coffee and plant-based products via Same-day delivery within the UAE is also available at Deliveroo, Noon Minutes, and through the Tres Marias website.
Check out the brand’s signature bright yellow and orange Cafecito stand as Tres Marias is back at The Ripe Market every weekend starting October 15 until May 2023.

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