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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift from House of Garrard

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Newsgate360 –  Dubai: A mother’s love is eternal, carefully nurturing and moulding our lives. This Mother’s Day express your love by indulging her with a special piece of jewellery from House of Garrard. From stunning earrings and rings to necklaces and bangles, House of Garrard, the longest serving jeweller in the world, has a wide array of glamorous jewellery pieces and inspirational designs that make the ideal present for a modern and elegant lady.

Wings Embrace Collection: Wings Embrace is inspired by the iridescent colours cast as light passes through crystal. Pink and yellow sapphires and aquamarine catch the eye within the openwork of angel wings, which represent peace, purity and protection.

Fanfare Collection: Fanfare looks back to Garrard’s earliest years, when London’s theatre district was its home and opera masquerades were the height of fashion. The Cascade earrings and necklace feature mother-of-pearl inlays which represent the delicate fan design, whilst diamonds sparkle in Garrard’s iconic Windsor and Sovereign motifs.

Regal Cascade Collection: The largest of the stones cut from the Cullinan Diamond was set atop the Sovereign’s Scepter by Garrard in 1910.Still the largest clear-cut diamond in the world to this day, Cullinan I sits on a mount of enamel and gemstones, the design of which is celebrated in this collection.

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