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Simple Easy Steps to Walk at Home

Walking may be the simplest way to workout. One can walk almost everywhere and anywhere, with no need to any tools.

There are many reasons why we should walk! Walking helps the heart health, lowers blood pressure, and makes bones stronger. It also helps ease stress, to sleep better and alleviates the mood.

Doctors advise elderly and youngsters to walk at least 30 minutes everyday. Leslie Sansone, the American fitness personality developed a way to encourage everyone to walk. She believes that walking is a sport for life, and that nearly everyone can participate.

Her Walk At Home program started years ago when she was leading exercises classes and now has become the first in-home walking program worldwide.

The program depends on walking at home at any time of the day. It is a series of multi-muscle movements. You can follow her YouTube videos of 15-20 minutes walking with some simple exercise and movements for legs and arms to have higher muscle engagement that you will not feel how easy it is to walk more than 1600 meters (1 mile) in such short period of time.


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