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Indoor Plants for Décor and Health Motives

Indoor plants is a great way to boost mood, add color and purify air of your interior environment to make our living spaces much healthier. Indoor plants bring so much beauty and happy vibes into house. You can have attractive artistic and easy maintenance indoor plants.

They add a little zest and coziness wherever you place them, and they can even help you get a better night’s sleep.Some of the best indoor plants for decorating your house and purifying the air are English Ivy, Aloe, Spider plant and many others.


English Ivy

You could let the long tendrils hang from the mantel, but the climbing plant is also game for topiaries, Some types of them are recommend for the best potted varieties.


The spiky leaves of Aloe certainly look cool, and they will really thrive on your desk or bedside table. Aloe love indirect light and are easy to take care of, but make sure to keep them from high-traffic areas and direct lights.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies can grow somehow tall, so check the variety’s estimated height before you buy. These powerful plants can also filter toxins from the air.

Spider Plant

They are fast-growing and actually produce little ones that you can re-pot for added greenery elsewhere. Always keep them in well-lit spots, and do not forget weekly watering.

Dragon Tree

Save some room on your windowsill and tuck this low-light variety in an unloved corner. It is toxic to pets, so keep pets far away.


It can grow tall and survive low light and irregular watering. Though not as drought-tolerant as other plants, still they can survive without watering for quite a long while.

Snake plant

This carefree, tough tender plant grows almost anywhere. Snake plant tolerates neglect but responds nicely to good care. Snake plant is great as indoor plants. When grown in bright light, it sends up a tall stalk of greenish fragrant flowers.


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