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Medcare Launches At Home Medical Care to Service Communities Compassionately

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Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centres, the premium private healthcare provider, is proud to announce the launch of a full suite of At Home Care Medical Services which aim to provide comfort and peace of mind to communities by putting the safety of patients at the forefront of everything Medcare does and is another innovative step Medcare is taking to ensure it is offering the best in quality and convenient healthcare options.

Medcare’s At Home care services offer many patients a level of privacy that may not be achieved within a clinic environment, providing devoted qualified medical personnel and customized healthcare programme with five different at homes services now available to patients:

Lab@home – Often, getting lab testing involves a lengthy process – from the visit to the doctor, scheduling an appointment and getting the lab tests done. Medcare have taken away these barriers, making it easy to have lab test done in the comfort of patient’s own home. Their qualified expert laboratory technicians are available to visit patients at home, collect samples and then send the results back digitally.

Vaccination@home – Keeping up with vaccination schedule for children and adults can be difficult, especially with so many other things going on! That’s why Medcare offers a special service that brings vaccination services right to its patient’s door wherever they are and at their convenience so they don’t need to step out if you didn’t wish to. Their Vaccination@home service includes both essential immunizations for children as well as a comprehensive list of vaccines available for adults, including seasonal vaccines (like Flu shots), travel vaccines or occupational vaccines. All administered by qualified professionals in the comfort and privacy of one’s own home.

Covid testing@home – The aim is to provide patients with easy access to healthcare. As a result of this initiative, vulnerable citizens and residents and the elderly will not have to visit hospitals or medical centres to get tested. This is the safest way to undergo a COVID-19 test – to have the sample taken in the patient’s own home, as they are not exposed to the external environment and do not come into contact with other suspected carriers of the virus. This is also the least stressful way to undergo a COVID-19 test – especially for children – as they are in a familiar environment.

Nurse@home – In current times, with the Covid-19 pandemic still a concern to some people, many patients prefer to cut down a hospital stay and opt to use a nursing service at home while recovering from surgery or post treatment at a hospital, all from the convenience of their home. Medcare has a team of highly qualified nurses who specialize in various medical specialties providing the highest level of care from the comfort of your own home.

Physio@home – Instead of coming to regular physio appointment in clinic or putting off that important physio appointment due to some busy schedule, patients can have their treatment done in their own space, at a time most convenient to them with Medcare’s highly experienced Physiotherapists.

On the new launches, Andre Daoud, Group CEO of Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centres commented, “Recognising and responding to the needs of patients forms an important underpinning to the concept of personalisation and to the development of responsive services that are truly patient-centric. It is from that perspective that we have created home care services which will live up to the expectations of the 1.2 million-patient-a-year from Medcare,”

“Comfort and convenience are an extremely important part of the patient experience and we are committed to making sure all our patients and communities are given the opportunity to experience the best in medical support from their own homes. Since the launch of our Telehealth service – teleMEDCARE – we have seen a real increase in patients looking to receive the same Medcare services they have come to rely on, but without wanting to leave home. Our new services promise the same quality of care and compassion while simplifying processes and removing barriers and adding additional privacy for those Medcare patients who need it. We are constantly looking to innovate in this space to bring communities the best in medical care now and always”.

All services can be booked through the Medcare website ( with a customer services member calling you back to find out more about your needs.

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