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Discover Dubai from a Distance Online cooking classes and irresistible delights

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Newsgate360 – Dubai: There’s nothing like heading over to your favourite restaurant and ordering a meal. But, just because we are confined to our homes at the moment, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal that tastes as if our favourite restaurant prepared it.

Thanks to The Italian Way UAE, Italian restaurants from across Dubai have joined forces and are sharing recipes and secrets that you can use in your own homes. The best news? They use ingredient that can be easily found in your kitchen cupboards.

Wagamama, the home of everyone’s favourite chicken katsu curry, is launching a series of online cooking classes. Cooking lessons aim to teach children the basics of Asian cooking, starting with how to prepare a mini yaki soba. Famous chefs will instruct your little ones on the ingredients and preparation of the dish.

Each Wednesday throughout April will alternate between children’s and adult’s cooking classes at 3pm and 6pm respectively. The videos will be broadcasted live, and the list of ingredients will be shared every Monday so you can cook along at home.

For more cooking classes, stay tuned to see our collaboration with Folly by Nick & Scott, where the famed Dubai duo will be preparing delicious dishes. Each week, you’ll be able to discover how to prepare and create a brand-new dish in Nick & Scott’s step by step guide. We have kept these recipe ideas nice and approachable so a) you can achieve them at home and b) you can source all of the ingredients online- now is not the time to be hunting down exotic spices or special cuts of meat all across Dubai.

Watch online cooking classes on Wagamama Instagram page below:

Dubai-based chef, and ex-head of Waka, Roberto Segura creates healthy dishes each week. Segura promotes clean eating through his easy-to-make, plant-based cuisine that can prepared from supermarket-bought ingredients. Tune in to Segura’s YouTube channel Cooking With Roberto

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