Researchers Unveil Device to Manage Chronic Head Pain

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University of California researchers in San Francisco have discovered a gadget that may send impulses into the brain to reduce persistent headaches.

In the study, researchers successfully identified regions of the brain where chronic pain was present and managed using a defibrillator-like device that was surgically implanted into the brains of patients who had experienced nonstop pain for more than a year.

The study, which was written up in the scientific journal “Nature Neuroscience,” demonstrated that the pain was connected to electrical changes in the orbital frontal cortex, a region involved in emotion control, judgement, and self-evaluation.

The survey found that almost one in five adult Americans have chronic pain. It is a persistent discomfort that has persisted for more than three months. Doctors typically rely on patients to rate their pain using a computer scale or a visual scale based on symbols in order to measure this discomfort. Self-reported pain metrics, however, are subjective and liable to change during the day. Some patients, such children or people with impairments, may experience discomfort in order to effectively describe or quantify their suffering.

The development of more objective pain indicators to complement self-reports, as well as a deeper knowledge of the brain mechanisms behind pain, are all goals of this study, according to scientists, who also called it a big advance in the field of pain treatment and these signs can help to verify the pain experienced by some patients.

According to them, these brain activity patterns can act as critical markers for the identification and treatment of millions of people who experience searing or chronic pain that is linked to a damaged neurological system.

By using pulses to rectify any incorrect brain activity, scientists aim to reduce the persistent agony that patients experience.

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