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Bridal Smoky Eye

Perfect Eye makeup for complete bride's look

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Newsgate360: A bride’s look in her fantastic eye-catching white dress is complete with makeup especially the eye makeup. The global makeup artist Mariam Jensen gives advices on the perfect bridal smoky eye:

1.Start with a clean eye with no cream or foundation, as this can make the makeup crease.

2.Prepare the eye with a primer that will create the perfect base for your makeup.

3.Finely, highlight on the brow bone with eye shadow for a light wash of colour.

4.Blend a dark base colour on lower lid of eye

5.To add dimension and colour to the look, try adding chocolate brown colour on top of the colour on the lid.

6.On the outer corners you can blend some dark brown or black shades to make the look smokier.

7.Use the pencil brush to add some colour to the bottom lash line.

8.Finish off the look with an amazing set of false eyelashes.

 The finishing touches

To complement this popular bridal look, opt for gorgeous, flawless skin created with the use of airbrush makeup and either a soft nude or bold lip for a perfect look.


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