Virgin Mobile Launches eSIM

Virgin Mobile offers an integrated digital experience amid COVID-19 lockdown

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Newsgate360 – Riyadh: Virgin Mobile Saudi Arabia announced the rollout of the latest generation of SIM card technology in Saudi Arabia, eSIM. An eSIM can be activated directly through digital channels without the need for a visit to a store, bringing flexibility and high efficiency to customers. Virgin Mobile is at the forefront of driving this type of integrated digital experience in the Kingdom, making it possible for Saudi consumers to order and activate an eSIM without leaving their homes.

Virgin Mobile added special new features to its Digital App which allow customers to order an eSIM online, activate it and begin using it immediately. These features include integration with the government portal “Absher,” enabling customers to activate their eSIM cards without the need to visit branches, contact the service center, or engage in any other human interaction.

A customer can access the Virgin Mobile app, click on the “get eSIM” tab, and then choose the plan that suits him and the mobile number after that. He then adds his personal data so that his eligibility can be verified. After these steps, the customer should create an account and complete the activation process through the Absher platform, make the payment, click on “eSIM scan/selection” and “eSIM use”. Once the activation has been completed, the QR code will be sent to the customer’s email as registered on the app. The customer will then be asked to scan the code on his phone to start using the new number and all the services it includes.

Commenting on the new service, Erik Dudman Nielsen, CEO of Virgin Mobile Saudi Consortium L.L.C said, “Virgin Mobile has a proven track record of delivering outstanding mobile experiences to customers across the region. Here in Saudi Arabia, we are committed to the Kingdom’s vision for Digital Transformation and see our role as critical to providing seamless access to communications during these challenging times.”

“Being an MVNO operating in multiple countries, we are experts in systems integration and have the agility to move quickly to address consumer trends. Our approach to the eSIM onboarding experience will enhance the integrated digital experience that we have created for our subscribers,” said Nielsen.

eSIM is an embedded technology that provides a replacement for the physical mobile SIM, which provides a connection between the device and the network provider. It allows a device to have access to multiple lines without the need for multiple physical SIMs. The user can also ensure that the SIM card cannot be lost because the eSIM is embedded into the device. iPhone devices from Xs and above are supporting the eSIM capability right now, however Android will begin supporting this technology soon.

In January of this year, Virgin Mobile began testing its home delivery platform for physical SIM cards in three major cities. Customers choose a monthly plan and begin their order through the new, innovative Virgin Mobile App. SIM cards can be delivered within two hours in Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Dammam and Khobar. They can also use the Absher e-services available on the app to easily activate the SIM cards immediately when they receive them by scanning the card’s QR code.

“At Virgin Mobile, we are constantly looking to challenge the status quo and putting control into the hands of our customers. We are being purposefully different from other tele communication companies because we aspire to redefine a new normal in the industry and take a leading role in the digital transformation of the industry. The future of the telecommunications industry is about being current to the needs of consumers,” commented Nielsen.

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