Vikings Superstars will miss the Vikings Family and People

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Fans of the legendary show Vikings now can enjoy watching the second part of season 6 that will stream exclusively on StarzPlay ( on December 31, the same time as US.

Vikings stars Marco Islo who portrays the character of Hvitserk and Peter Franzen who portrays  King Harald Finehair character spoke to us about their work, characters and what will they miss from Vikings.

Marco talked about the development of Hvitserks character and said: “During the first part of the series there has been a lack of development in Hvitserks character. He was mostly outshined by his brothers and living under the shadows of other leaders. Hvitserk has been an emotional wreck and uncertain of both his destiny and his place in life. Now that the series is coming to an end, Hvitserk has finally found himself and the fans can expect less of the “PTSD, heartbroken and drug-addicted Hvitserk” and more from the “Viking Hvitserk”

On working with Michael Hirst, Marco said that it has been incredible and that Michael is very open and loves to discuss the evolution of characters. “If I was ever offered a role in another project of his, I wouldn’t think twice. We had great chemistry and whenever he came to set he would always give away small teasers or thoughts on his upcoming episodes. For instance; before I received the last script, he came up to me on set and said: “You have a lot of training to do”…. He was right.”

On whether the fans will be satisfied with how the series wraps up, Marco said: “I’m not quite sure fans will love how the series ends up because I do not think anyone wants their favorite show to end. Speaking on behalf of the creators and actors on set, I think we did a good job. Everyone worked twice as hard and all the actors put their heart and soul into the last season! There is a huge diversity in characters in Vikings and I think you can learn a thing or two from every single one. If I had to tell you one thing to learn from Hvitserk it would be: Never give up”

Marco will miss the people on set whom he worked with on Vikings and said: “I have never felt more welcomed, honored, and respected on any other set before. I deeply hope that I will work with those amazing people again. Being away from family and friends for years can be tough, but I would do it all over again.”

Marco also thinks that the excitement in this season comes from seeing the whole thing put together and that he reckons the fans are going to be hyped and excited for the last 5 episodes.

Marco cannot reveal the scene he is most proud of, but he is sure that when people see it they will probably know. It’s either that or maybe a small sequence of Hvitserk puking. I drank 3 bottles of water and choked myself with my tongue so I puked all over the set. The director loved it and of course, he asked: “I hope you know you have to do that another 5 times.”

On the other hand Peter Franzen plays King Harald Finehair character, which has an interesting arc so far- starting in Season 4, by him boldly stating that he wants to become the King of all Norway.

“I have really enjoyed playing his ambition for power and how he has been persistent and patient in trying to reach his ultimate goal- to unite Norway under his rule. Harald’s storylines have been very tragic, although full of hope too.” Peter said

“Fans are welcome to expect that Harald may return with the same ambitions, perhaps even more dedicated in finding or getting the woman of his life, and of course, being the true pagan that he is- understanding which path the Gods want him to take.”

On working with Michael Hirst, Peter said that it was like talking to a friend. “His attitude towards us actors was warm and he gave us the opportunity to influence the character development with him. He didn’t really tell me how the series would end, but perhaps one could understand something between the lines. We did discuss about Harald’s last scene, though”

Peter revealed his excitement to see how all the hard work that has been poured into a production turns out in a finished episode. Also, being a big fan of my fellow actors in Vikings, I’m excited to see their craft. The fans will surely be excited about the same thing, but also about the relentless beauty and quality of the production.

On the scene he is most proud of, Peter said it’s sort of hard to rate those scenes, but his guess is that an actor feels proud about a scene where he has succeeded to show a rollercoaster of emotions through his character. I would like to say that I’m proud of my entrance scene as Harald, in Season 4. I really felt like stepping into the Great Hall of Kattegat and tried my best to become Harald. People accepted me as him, so in actually, I am more relieved than proud!” Peter said on the scene he is most proud of.

Peter will miss seeing the whole Vikings family. The cast, crew, production, background actors… Ireland!

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