Trust Yourself. The New Campaign by Favre-Leuba

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Imagine driving on a secluded highway for hours. Just you, your car and the road. Imagine holding the ropes on a sailing boat and heading into the coolness of the sea breeze. Just you, your boat and the sea. Imagine rushing to the job interview of your life through the awakening city, welcomed by the warm embrace of the rising sun. Just you, your watch on the wrist and the city.

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In every such moment you trust yourself. You trust your choice of a route, your choice of leading a different lifestyle, your next career step. Or your choice of a timekeeping companion. There is no moving forward without trust. Most importantly, the trust in your own self.

This November, Favre-Leuba is launching a new brand identity celebrating the spirit of trust, confidence and curiosity. The Trust Yourself campaign talks about every aspect of life. You need trust when exploring the outdoors, when risking an investment, when taking up a new hobby, when saying ‘yes’ to the loved one, when signing a new contract, when holding your breath before your first sky-dive. When buying a watch from a brand you haven’t yet heard of.

With its rich history of 283 years, Favre-Leuba is the second oldest Swiss watch brand. It is here to be a reliable companion in every personal mission and to support the courage in exploring the world in all its facets. In 1737 Abraham Favre, a young watchmaker, trusted himself and started an adventure – the creation of his own workshop. Since then eight generations of the Favre and Leuba families trusted their guts and developed this brand with its pioneering one-of-a-kind timepieces. In 1962, Bivouac, the world’s first mechanical altimeter wristwatch was presented followed by a relaunch in 2017. In 1968 the Bathy was launched, the world’s first mechanical wristwatch that not only displayed dive time, but also current diving depth, with a new edition in 2018. The innovation spirit and the engineering genius of the brand has always been one of the strongest reasons to trust Favre-Leuba.

This year Favre-Leuba, led by its new CEO Philippe Roten, has trusted itself in changing its tone of voice, its appeal and its style. With abundance of color, light and optimism, the new lifestyle communication approach aims to speak to a broader audience, both men and women.

“After 9 months in office, working side by side with the talented Favre-Leuba team and embracing the rich history of the brand, I am very happy to unveil the new brand image of Favre-Leuba. Loyal to the entrepreneurial spirit of the brand and to the adventurous spirit of its founders, it was important to inject a positive and personal note into the brand message. The current period is a challenge for all of us, and it is now or never that we need to have trust: trust in ourselves and trust in the future. Dreams and evasion are more important than ever, and through this campaign, we want to convey a message of hope and a moment of escape,” said Philippe Roten.

Faithful to its spirit of adventure, Favre-Leuba is broadening its philosophy to the Life Adventure – exciting stories that do not only happen on top of the highest peaks, or in the depths of the ocean. Daily life in the city, in relationships or in business is also full of adventures and breaking-through moments. For every such moment a bold life explorer of today can trust in a reliable and stylish timekeeping companion from Favre-Leuba. Whether it is our dive watches Raider Deep Blue, Harpoon or Bathy, or our mountaineering icon Raider Bivouac 9000, or our racing Sea Sky Chronographs, or our urban Sea King, Sea Bird and Sky Chief models – we are there to support you in your dreams.

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