The Role of Smartwatch in Huawei’s All-Scenario Seamless AI Life Strategy

Explain All-Scenario Seamless AI Life from a Smartwatch Perspective

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Newsgate360 – Riyadh: The consumer technology sector is undergoing a radical transformation in many areas, from audio to wearables and more. In the formative years of wearable technology, specialist brands led the way in smartwatch innovation. Consumers know they could trust such brands to deliver a strong user experience tailored to fitness enthusiasts. As the technology has matured, however, wearable technology has become much more appealing to the casual user.

Millions of consumers now use smartwatches every day, not only to track their activity but also to listen to music, make contactless payments and perform other functions that are embedded in daily life. For this, people look to brands like Huawei who offers user-friendly wearables which seamlessly integrate with other technology products.

The ecosystem uses the smartphone as its main portal, with speakers, tablets, PCs, watches, infotainment systems, glasses, headphones and smart displays as eight secondary portals, with home appliance, lighting, security, video and audio and surveillance serving as the portals to the wider smart device ecosystem. In line with Huawei’s 1+8+N All-Scenario Seamless AI Life strategy, Huawei proactively creates experience for users in various use-case scenarios such as in smart homes, smart cars and health & fitness.

In fitness and health management scenario

Huawei’s goal when designing its wearables is always to create a device that will fit in all scenarios, from working up a sweat the gym, to the ensuring you have a healthy heart rate and reasonable stress levels when relaxing. Last year, Huawei has perfected the fitness and tracking systems on their smartwatch range, allowing consumers to track popular activities, such as cycling, running and swimming among many other more specialist sports like climbing, triathlon, rowing and many more.

Given the current health situation, a lot of sports enthusiast might choose to exercise at home instead of going to the gym. With a combination of a HUAWEI WATCH GT 2, HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 and a smartphone, you could still enjoy a decent workout time. For example, you could watch and listen to the workout tutorial apps or video through the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 and smartphone, or you could control the music that fits your exercise through the smartwatch on your wrist.

Looking to the future, there is serious potential for Huawei to support even more sports modes. Huawei recognizes that alternative sports are on the rise – for example, more people are picking up yoga, noticing the benefits that it has on their health. In 2019, one study showed that most yogis practiced 2-3 times a week and 64% said they wanted to practice more regularly. Throughout the next decade, other alternative exercise types are expected to rise in popularity, so forward-thinking wearable manufacturers like Huawei should look to offer support for burgeoning sports such as cross-fit, dodgeball and Pilates.

Your daily assistant

Having a smartwatch with you all the time makes it natural fit for the device to double as a personal daily assistant. Huawei understands the need for assistance on the day-to-day, from setting alarms and checking emails to knowing what the weather is due to be like before you even get out of bed, having this and more on your wrist proves incredibly convenient.

Smartphone is now a daily essential for most of us, but sometimes we still managed to misplace around our house. If your smartphone is connected with the Huawei smartwatch, you could try the “Find Phone” feature. Once activated, the phone will play a ringtone to alert you and it works with all smartphones.

When looking toward the next generation of wearables, Huawei knows that there is a lot of potential to improve on the personal assistant aspects of the wearable space. In the next few years, might your smartwatch-based personal assistant be able to book you a table at your favorite restaurant, or create suggestions for plans to fill your day, depending on how you’re feeling?

Seamless connectivity

For many consumers, it is no longer enough for the latest tech to simply offer amazing functionality on its own. Devices must seamlessly integrate into their daily lives and seamlessly connect with other everyday items like smartphones and TWS earbuds. This partially explains the success of major brands, as the data from wearable devices is immediately synced with other devices connected to the internet. In the case of Huawei, its latest smartwatch – HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 – fits seamlessly into the brand’s all-scenario ecosystem, allowing users to enjoy a seamless experience across devices. Consumers would surely like to see this trend continue and benefit from increased ease-of-use when transferring between devices.

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