Kaspersky and Ferrari partnership: tailoring cybersecurity for an iconic brand

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Kaspersky is commemorating the 10 year anniversary of its strategic partnership with iconic, global brand – Ferrari. The cybersecurity company is a sponsor of the brand’s Formula One racing team – Scuderia Ferrari – and has also expanded its role during this time to become a technical partner, providing Ferrari with world-class cybersecurity and infrastructure protection. To mark the occasion, Kaspersky has launched a dedicated campaign focused on the values shared by both companies: excellence, teamwork and passion.

Since 2010, Kaspersky – a leading international cybersecurity vendor – has been present at circuits across the globe alongside Scuderia Ferrari. In addition to the sponsorship agreement, the partnership between the world-class brands has grown stronger, with Kaspersky providing Ferrari with a complete range of cutting-edge IT security measures 24 hours a day, seven days a week – from Ferrari’s world-famous factory in Maranello, Italy, to F1 circuits around the world.

The cybersecurity company has continued to hit many different specific and strict Ferrari safety objectives – today all Ferrari endpoints are protected by Kaspersky.

“We got into Formula One 10 years ago, and since then we have been able to build a strong and proven partnership with Ferrari. Though we work in very different industries, we’re united by the same values: technological leadership, and a passion for innovation and continuously getting better at what we do,” says Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky.

“Formula One IT systems are quite advanced and specific, ranging from simulation to car performance measurement systems. They also employ multiple technologies, including high-performance computing and internally developed software. The customized nature of applications requires a more tailored security solution to protect our data. Kaspersky has assisted Ferrari to respond to our evolving requirements and threats by creating innovative and high performing products,” says Alessandro Sala, Head of IT, Security and Compliance at Ferrari.

Kaspersky has been providing Ferrari with multiple types of security – from protecting traditional areas of corporate technology such as endpoints through to penetration testing, vulnerability assessments and threat intelligence, as well as on-demand scanning with minimal performance impact.

To celebrate the important milestone of 10 years of partnership with Ferrari, Kaspersky has launched a dedicated communication campaign focused on values shared by both brands. With this special project, the company aims to encourage people to explore the energy of motorsport as well as the world of digital security, so everyone can fully enjoy the opportunities that technology brings.

“As a world-leading cybersecurity company, we share many values with Scuderia Ferrari, including excellence, passion and teamwork. These values underpin our long and successful partnership and we reinforce them throughout our new campaign.” – says Andrew Winton, Vice President, Marketing at Kaspersky.

“Our mission is to build a safer world by securing technologies that enable people to access digital opportunities. Working together for 10 years in partnership with Ferrari and securing the company’s data, has helped us understand the importance of speed and responding quickly to challenges. We have learnt that excellence is about never compromising, passion is about desire to be part of something special and teamwork is about amazing people doing phenomenal things. These values embody the spirit of the long-standing partnership between Kaspersky and Ferrari,” – he adds.

Kaspersky now provides motorsport fans with the opportunity to secure their digital lives by creating unique and strong passwords reflecting remarkable moments in the 10 years of the partnership. The password generator tool is available on the dedicated landing page –

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