IMA Offers 50% off CMA fees to Candidates in Lebanon

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Newsgate360 – Dubai: IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) announced a 50% discount on all CMA fees for new and current members in Lebanon in support of accounting and finance professionals and students seeking to explore their next move amid rising geopolitical risks in the country.

Given the difficult financial and economic conditions in Lebanon, IMA is looking to alleviate some of the pressure of the situation by providing current and prospective candidates with an opportunity to remain abreast of the global industry changes by pursuing professional certification.

“Individual development and career aspirations can easily take a backseat during such trialing times,” said Hanadi Khalife, senior director of MEA, India, and Africa operations at IMA. “We hope this arrangement encourages aspiring finance and accounting professionals to keep pursuing their goals despite the current hurdles they are facing. Through this reduction, we are affirming our commitment to them during this difficult time and would like to inform them that their future need not be placed on hold and that gaining the necessary skills to thrive in today’s fiercely competitive business environment remains within their reach.

“IMA is dedicated to empowering accounting and finance professionals around the region during all phases of their careers by helping them upskill and accelerate their progression within the management accounting sector,” added Khalife.

Professionals, university students, and faculty members are all eligible to receive the 50% discount which applies to the IMA membership fee, CMA entrance fee, and the fees for both exams. This discount is valid till June 30, 2020.

As part of IMA’s commitment to promote and support the finance and accounting profession in Lebanon, IMA Lebanon Chapter hosted a workshop that covered “The Lebanese Economy and latest crisis” to identify the causes of the crisis and the respective developments within the banking sector. The interactive session conducted by Ziad Jehayem, treasurer of the IMA Lebanon Chapter and attended by business professionals and CMAs highlighted the impact of the monetary strategies on the Lebanese economy and the local currency.

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