GoDaddy shares tips for a Successful Eid Experience in the Kingdom

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As Saudi Arabia welcomes the joyous occasion of Eid, businesses are gearing up to offer a memorable shopping experience. According to GoDaddy’s 2024 Global Entrepreneurship Survey, 56% of small businesses in the Kingdom aspire to broaden their market reach and attract new customers, and leveraging holidays is one effective strategy to help achieve this goal.

Selina Bieber, GoDaddy Vice President of International Markets, emphasizes the significance of connecting with customers during this festive season, stating, “In the celebratory atmosphere, creating personalized and engaging online campaigns can help enhance the shopping journey, fostering deeper connections with valued customers.”

Recent data reveals when asked about their timeline for buying gifts, consumers are more likely to make purchases close to the festival than way in advance. Around seven in ten residents surveyed said they plan their shopping about a week or less in advance, with the largest proportion (31%) shopping a week in advance. Saudi consumers tend to be more short-term planners, with 21% saying they plan their shopping 2-3 days in advance.

GoDaddy shares six tips for an engaging Eid online shopping experience:

1.Launch Promotional and Digital Marketing Campaigns for Eid

Launch a well-timed Eid promotional campaign, ideally one to two weeks before the event, utilize a comprehensive digital approach across website and social media channels, including personalized emails, product previews and exclusive offerings like promotional codes, BOGO deals, contests, and giveaways, to help drive anticipation and excitement throughout the holiday shopping season.

  1. Optimize Sales Platforms for Eid shopping

Choose the right sales platform to help your customers easily purchase from your business, by integrating e-commerce features like GoDaddy E-Store Builder or WooCommerce with GoDaddy Managed Word Press into the business website. In addition, explore social media selling options, like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, as well as online marketplaces, all with unique advantages to reach potential and current customers.

  1. Craft engaging Eid Deals and Incentives

Create offers with limited-time discounts, free gifts, and exclusive Eid deals, to help encourage consumers to purchase early. Personalize offerings with Eid-themed bundles and add-on value like free shipping for an enhanced shopping experience.

  1. Incorporate the Power of Eid related Video

Create a captivating Eid video series for use on social media. Daily themed videos with authentic storytelling build anticipation for exciting Eid announcements, incorporating endorsements, how-to’s, promotions, tips, and tours for your products and services. Tools like GoDaddy Studio with AI capabilities, can help create this content quickly and easily without the need of design or technical skills.

  1. Offer Exceptional Customer Experience during Eid

Offering exceptional customer service is important throughout the year, yet during this special time, focus on enhancing services like faster Eid shipping and easier returns, and Eid gift-wrapping, to deliver an enhanced Eid shopping experience.

  1. Future Sales Strategies Post-Eid

Capture attention gained during Eid—encourage email sign-ups, leave personalized notes, and seek online reviews to help build trust, turning Eid shoppers into long-term, loyal customers.

Ms. Bieber added, “With the Eid celebration fast approaching, entrepreneurs and small businesses can take advantage of having their websites and sales channels ready to deliver a successful festive shopping experience. By strategically implementing these tips, can help you grow your business and create lasting connections with valued customers in the Kingdom.”

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