First Smart Prayer Rug by A Qatari Engineer

Sajadah: The First Smart Educational Prayer Rug

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Riyadh – Asdaf News:

At the 48th International Exhibition of Invention in Geneva, a Qatari engineer Abdulrahman Saleh Khamis received a gold media award for creating the first smart prayer rug.

Prayer rug “Sajadah” includes a tiny screen with lights and built-in speakers that offer simple directions for over 25 prayers in both Arabic and English.

“World’s First Smart Educational Prayer Rug for every Muslim, “Sajdah”, teaches new Muslims how to pray properly without any worries. Muslims can also improve their prayer experience by reading the Qur’an from Sajdah’s LED screen during Taraweeh, Qyam, and other prayers.” Khamis describes his innovation in a twitter post.

Every Muslim may personalize their Sajdah experience to suit their demands thanks to the engineer’s design.

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