Champion Cleaners Incorporate Further Sustainability Principles Throughout Their Headquarters and Central Operation Plant

Continue their ecological and sustainable efforts to become the UAE’s cleanest dry-cleaning company

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Newsgate360 – Dubai: Champion Cleaners’ Head Office and Central Operation Plant was purposely designed to execute precision and quality, with minimal consumption and the opportunity to recycle where possible. Whilst still maintaining the prestige quality and performance that Champion Cleaners are renowned for, the team at Champion Cleaners continue to research and implement new processes and methods to further integrate and develop sustainability principles throughout the company.

Whilst this research continues, Champion Cleaners are delighted to share their ongoing efforts to strive towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious business.

Primarily being a key industry player that relies on water and electricity usage, it has been an ongoing mission for Champion Cleaners to find reliable and effective ways to reduce their consumptions comprehensively. With the integration of their personalised building management systems, Champion Cleaners have achieved a 10% reduction on their electricity consumption throughout this process. Champion Cleaners also actively use 100% of steam created to generate heat throughout the Central Plant operation, saving an additional 10% on their electricity consumption, totaling in a huge saving of 20% on the overall electricity usage. Champion Cleaners also use Alliance Wet Cleaning technologies which has resulted in a massive 50% saving on their overall water consumptions.

All of Champion Cleaners’ detergents, additives and bag & shoe restoration products are carefully selected and approved by local authorities, deeming them all to be the most environmentally friendly cleaning option. Champion Cleaners have refined their I-Genius Technology which sanitizes and deodorizes all kids’ accessories with the use of Ozone-safe technology, helping reduce harmful chemicals transmitted into the environment.

Lastly, Champion Cleaners have made an extraordinary effort to reuse and recycle packaging materials used throughout their services. With a 90% recycle rate on all plastic and paper used in the Champion Cleaners headquarters and a 90% recycle rate on all hangers used for dry cleaning, Champion Cleaners are on set to majorly reduce their carbon footprint on the planet.

Champion Cleaners continue to research into further ecologically conscious procedures and plan to develop their technologies as an ongoing initiative to keep consumptions low, and eco-friendly efforts high.

Champion Cleaners has 35 locations suitably across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Customers can also schedule a convenient pick-up and delivery or can download the new Champion Cleaners UAE app on all app-stores and play stores now. For more information, please visit or call 800-4556

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