Beaches of King Abdullah Economic City

The Enchanting Summer Escape

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King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) is an ideal summer destination, enticing everyone with its picturesque sanctuary on the shores of the Red Sea. Stunning beaches with crystal-clear blue waters and silky-soft sand border the city’s shoreline, creating an artistic marvel where you can truly connect with nature.

A Complete Leisure Paradise on the Red Sea Coast:
The charm of KAEC’s beaches extends beyond the breathtaking natural scenery. They are supplemented by a variety of services and amenities that allow tourists to enjoy an unforgettable summer holiday. Consider sitting under a comfortable beach umbrella while your kids construct sandcastles nearby. The beaches have everything you need to relax, such as sun loungers, changing rooms, and showers. There are also playgrounds for young children.

Diverse Water Sports to Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit:
KAEC’s beaches allow everyone to embark on thrilling experiences. Water sports enthusiasts can indulge in their favorite hobbies like diving and discovering the magnificent world of coral reefs, or challenge the waves with a spot of water skiing. For those seeking relaxation, kayaking or embarking on yacht cruises to witness the beauty of the coastline from a different perspective are perfect options.

The Ideal Destination for Families Seeking Relaxation:
KAEC’s beaches are an excellent summer destination for families. Aside from the secure and clean atmosphere that allows children to play freely, there are various magnificent resorts and premium hotels located directly on the coastline. These resorts include dedicated facilities for children, such as private pools and recreational clubs, to keep your little ones entertained throughout your stay.

A Journey to KAEC’s Most Prominent Beaches:
Yam Beach: One of the largest and most popular beaches in the city, Yam Beach boasts calm waters suitable for families with young children. The beach’s sand is renowned for its softness and brilliance, further accentuated by the sun’s reflection.

Pure Beach: Catering to water sports aficionados, Pure Beach offers well-equipped centers for renting all the necessary equipment for such activities. Whether you want to try water skiing or explore the underwater world through diving, Pure Beach is your ideal destination.

Blue Hole Beach: Tucked within the heart of Blue Hole Beach lies a unique natural wonder – a deep blue sinkhole known as the “Blue Sea.” This beach is particularly sought after by diving enthusiasts due to its exceptional location for exploring the ocean depths.

Indulge in an Unforgettable Summer on KAEC’s Beaches:
Don’t miss the opportunity to have a remarkable summer vacation on the beaches of King Abdullah Economic City. Make sure to pack your swimwear, sunscreen, and a sufficient amount of water and refreshments. Additionally, adhering to the safety guidelines is recommended to ensure your well-being and maintain the cleanliness of the beach. Get ready for a summer experience brimming with relaxation, fun, and adventure on the captivating shores of the Red Sea.

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