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Agiomix supports return to work directive with COVID-19 testing in the workplace

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Dubai – :

Agiomix, the largest regional lab for molecular and genetic testing in the Middle East and Africa launched an offering to have staff tested for COVID-19 in the workplace to reinforce reopening responsibly schemes and help organizations manage the complexity of this undertaking.

As businesses resume activity, and employees return to the workplace, precautionary hygiene measures, social distancing, ongoing testing and isolation remain crucial in containing the spread of the virus. The organization’s specialists can visit sites, set up isolation areas and collect samples from employees, providing results within 48-60 hours. This will assist with identifying and isolating infected individuals, significantly reducing the spread of the virus and at the same time allowing healthcare providers to deliver the required care to the infected people early enough to help recovery.

Today also marks the launch of Covid-19 laboratory-based antibody tests, known as IGG by Agiomix which determines if someone was previously infected, using blood specimens to determine the presence of antibodies through an adaptive immune response by patients. The tests will aid the understating who has had the virus, supporting increased prevention measures undertaken around isolation.

As part of its drive to support UAE government initiatives against the pandemic, Agiomix has joined forces with Avivo Group, a collaboration aimed at enhancing access of testing to underserved and vulnerable populations working to significantly reduce the number of infections across the country.

The partnership will catalyze the scientific community to improve COVID-19 testing capabilities, advancement, and accessibility, offering residents of the UAE at-home and in the workplace testing services.

Commenting on the partnership, Dr. Salah Al Janabi, Managing Director at Agiomix, said “As businesses begin to reopen, it is imperative to return to work with the necessary precautions. We will continue to align our efforts to support the Dubai Health Authority’s combat efforts against the pandemic. The laboratory has the capacity to conduct thousands of tests per day and aims to test as many people as possible in the UAE in collaboration with the authorities in order to contain the pandemic and reduce number of infections. With Dubai and Sharjah governments’ decision to resume 100% and 30% of their workforce respectively, we are dedicated to making a vital contribution to this new normal and support the country’s safe return to work.”

Dr. Salah Al Janabi, concluded: “As we return to offices, the partnership is key to support the UAE authorities’ directive to reopen the country, adhering to the nation’s ‘We Are All Responsible initiative’. The country’s strategy, with early steps taken to contain the virus and the efforts of the frontline workers has been praised internationally. As restrictions continue to ease, with businesses and public spaces opening up, those vulnerable such as the elderly, pregnant women, people with special needs as well as those with chronic ailments and immune deficiencies, are still ordered to self-quarantine to ensure health and safety of all. The safety and risk mitigation of the UAE’s employees and residents is of utmost importance and we are prepared to help with the transition to the new reality of a physically distant work environment.”

Commenting on the partnership, Dr. Atul Aundhekar, CEO of Avivo Group, said, “Agiomix uses the Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction (rTPCR) test. This test is the gold standard diagnostic tool for COVID-19. Avivo Group has a home car division and is licensed to send health care workers to residences on call to conduct the test. Many people are scared to venture out, including the elderly, those with children and people of determination for whom driving to a test center could be difficult. Agiomix is our ideal strategic partner in the UAE during this period.”

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