Asser Yassin tops active celebrities on Twitter’s Ramadan Week 2

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Newsgate360 – Riyadh: Twitter announced its data on TV series on the second week of Ramadan.

Peak in conversation

Here is the peak in Arabic conversations around TV series:

Saudi Arabia:

  • People Tweeted most on Tuesdays
  • People Tweeted most at 10pm local time


  • People Tweeted most on Tuesdays
  • People Tweeted most at 11pm local time


  • People Tweeted most on Thursdays
  • People Tweeted most at 8pm local time

Top Ramadan series related topics

  1. #البرنس (Al-Prince)
  2. #مخرج_7 (Makhraj 7)
  3. #قلبي_اطمأن (Qalby Etmaan)
  4. #رامز_مجنون_رسمي (Ramez Majnun Rasmi)
  5. #ام_هارون (Umm Harun)
  6. #خيانة_عهد (Khiyanit Ahid)
  7. #الاختيار (Al Ekhteyar)

Most active celebrities on Twitter

  1. Egyptian actor @AsserYassin
  2. Lebanese singer and actress @CyrineAbdlNour
  3. Lebanese actress @nadinenjeim
  4. Kuwaiti actress @Haya_abdulsalam
  5. Jordanian actress @sabamubarak
  6. Egyptian actress and singer @Maikassab
  7. Egyptian actress @MaiOmar
  8. Egyptian actor and writer @AFahmyOfficial
  9. Egyptian actress @HananMotawie
  10. Egyptian actress @Youssra
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