SFA launches 2nd edition of Riyadh International Marathon

Marathon will encourage people to lead healthy, active lives

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The Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) has invited sports enthusiasts from around the Kingdom and beyond to join in the excitement and festivities of the second-ever Riyadh International Marathon. Organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Sports, the Quality of Life Program and Saudi Arabian Athletic Federation, the event will bring avid racers together to test their endurance while socializing, getting fit and taking part in spirited, family-friendly fun.

The second edition of Riyadh Marathon is sponsored by a range of leading entities and partners. These include Roshn, Neom, SABIC, and Sports Boulevard; as well as Visit Saudi. The official event supporters being; Chery Pro, Right Bite, and Acwa Power. The event is also sponsored by Jeeny, Nova, Delta Sports, ORS, Tawuniya Vitality,MDL Beast and Al-Arabiya.

Set to take place in Riyadh on February 11, 2023, this year’s marathon builds on the success of the first edition of the event: a groundbreaking engagement that gives athleets and particpants a rush of endorphins as they race to reach the finish line.

The event marks the latest step taken by to encourage more people and communities across the country to get fit and active, stepping outdoors and participating in daily physical activities. Open to people of all ages — from youngsters to seniors — the marathon will give community members the chance to lace up their running shoes and enjoy a range of races of varying distances — including 42 km, 21 km, 10 km, and 4 km races — catering to people of different abilities, including athletic and non-athletic contestants.

for elite participants, the 42 km track starts at 6:25 am, and the 21 km track starts at 8:00 am. For mass participants, the 42 km track will kick off at 6:30 AM for the mass participants at the 42 km, and 8:05 for the 21 km. The 10 km track starts at 9:45 am and the 4 km track starts at 11:00 am for younger participants.

Over the course of the event, participants will cross some of Riyadh’s most famous and beloved historical sites and monuments, including Digital City,and Diriyah. To aid in inspiring as many individuals as possible to sign up for and complete the marathon, SFA has outlined an easy-to-follow registration process for prospective participants, which can be found at RiyadhMarathon23 . People can also access the SFA app to learn more.

HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, President Saudi Sports Federation for All, said: “We are delighted to be bringing the Riyadh Marathon back, giving people another fantastic opportunity to challenge themselves while safeguarding their health. The success of the first-ever Riyadh Marathon was a major milestone for SFA, Riyadh and the Kingdom as a whole, setting an exciting benchmark for what we can achieve as an active and sporting nation. Attracting more than 10,000 participants from various nationalities, the event showcased Saudi Arabia’s potential as a sports hub, and this upcoming edition of the event will only add to the Kingdom’s burgeoning reputation.”

He added: “This year’s event will build on the success of our previous events, providing an enhanced quality of experience for all — no matter their age or ability. Our aim is to reach 15,000 participants, catering to different people’s needs and capabilities — for instance, with walking activities.”

According to SFA, walking is one of the most popular public sport activities in the Kingdom. It occupies 46.4% of the total sport practices in the Kingdom, while running occupies 42.9%. Thus, the Riyad Marathon has been uniquely tailored to appeal to all kinds of participants. For example, the 21.1 km half marathon is open to mass and elite participants, while the 10 km is perfect for participants aged 17 and over. The 4 km race, on the other hand, is ideal for beginners and children.

To reward people for taking part in the event, a range of financial prizes worth 1,000,000 Riyal will also be awarded to a selection of first-place winners. A community event created to bring citizens, residents, and families even closer together while immersing themselves in the spirit of community sports, the upcoming marathon will also be enlivened by the creation of a marathon village: a welcoming communal space where participants will be invited to enjoy a wide selection of fun-themed activities and experiences. Live entertainment will be provided at the marathon village, along with food and refreshments. The marathon village will be launched and open to guests from February 10.

In addition to the marathon village, participants will also be able to make the most of several customized pre-marathon training programs. These programs will be scheduled and announced through the marathon website and its social media platforms.

In line with SFA’s goals and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and Quality of Life Program objectives, the marathon will help to raise physical activity levels in the country. Crucially, it will help to empower more people to lead healthier, more active, and sustainable lives.

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