Set Up Your Eid Breakfast Table

Choose colours that match your theme and use the best utensils

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 By: Samar Yahya

Eid is annual and exceptional occasion for families to gather. We see everyone is always enthusiastic to meet the rest of the family during Eid especially for breakfast. It is a special celebration that everyone is eclectic to choose costume, accessories, and perfumes while mothers and grandmothers work constantly for sundry Iftar table for a special Eid feeling and ambiance, as the family would love when you pay attention to details.

Here are a few tips on how to wonderfully set your Breakfast table for Eid:

  • The colour and theme is one of the essentials for your table setting.
  • From them you will be able to match the tablecloth and the rest of your tableware to fit into the theme that you have in mind.
  • Start off with a fine-looking tablecloth to dress up your Iftar table. You can use solid colours for an appealing style or a traditional patterned fabric for an authentic and unique ambiance.
  • Choose a colorful printed dinner set for a casual look, or porcelain set with silver and gold embossed on it for a classic table.
  • Match the dinner set with the tablecloth by using plain coloured sets with a patterned tablecloth, or a beautiful printed dinner set for a solid colour tablecloth.
  • For serving ware, the plain white platters and serving dishes are an ideal choice as they perfectly match almost anything.
  • Take out your best utensils to perfectly set up your table and serve up juices in special coloured or plain glasses and coordinate them with your tablecloth, napkins and other table decoration.
  • Finally, place little flowers on the table to have a beautiful ambiance and choose colours that match the theme of the tablecloth, dinner set and napkins.
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