Saudi Green Initiative Introduces ‘Namour’

Inspiring Environmental Awareness among Youth and Children

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Riyadh – Asdaf News:

The Saudi Green Initiative (SGI) has announced the introduction of Namour, a character designed to inspire young Saudis to become environmental heroes.

Namour, derived from the Arabic term for Arabian leopard (Nimr), depicts strength, power, and grace, reflecting Saudi Arabia’s commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability.

Namour aligns with Saudi Arabia’s inclusive approach to tackling environmental challenges, emphasizing the importance of collaboration among sectors and generations. SGI introduced this character to inspire young people in Saudi Arabia to actively protect nature and preserve biodiversity.

Namour is supported by the Ministry of Education and SGI, which work together to increase environmental awareness and action among children and youth in Saudi Arabia.

Namour will be present in educational environments and online platforms, serving as a helpful ally for parents and educators. This collaborative effort will provide creative resources and inspiration to promote learning and engagement in climate and sustainability.

According to the release, Namour also aims to raise awareness about the critically endangered status of the Arabian leopard and the importance of conservation efforts, highlighting Saudi Arabia’s robust initiatives, including breeding programs and rewilding efforts, to protect this species.

“In 2023 alone, seven Arabian leopard cubs were born under the conservation breeding program in Taif. The hugely successful program has nearly doubled the number of leopards under its protection since it started,” the release read.

Furthermore, under SGI, over 1,660 endangered animals such as the Arabian oryx, Arabian sand gazelles, and Nubian ibex have been rewilded in Saudi Arabia’s growing nature reserves.–SPA

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