Samsung Partners with Muvi Cinemas to Bring Onyx Cinema LED Screens to Saudi Arabia

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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd has partnered with Muvi Cinemas in Saudi to launch the first cinema in the kingdom that uses Samsung’s Onyx Cinema LED screen, replacing the traditional projection technology.

Onyx Cinema LED screens offer powerful, captivating and larger-than-life visuals, transforming the cinema viewing experience for cine lovers. With the introduction of this new technology, Samsung will transform cinema viewing experience with HDR support offering unparalleled picture quality, and movie lovers will experience unparalleled picture quality, true colors and greater vibrancy and accuracy, exactly how the director intended it to be seen.

“Samsung is the only brand offering an end-to-end movie experience, from stunning visuals through Onyx Cinema LED screens to phenomenal sound from JBL Professional by HARMAN. Onyx Cinema LED screens at Muvi Cinemas in Saudi Arabia will revolutionize cinema viewing experience for film lovers across the Kingdom. This is a remarkable milestone for Saudi cinemas and a testament to our consumer-centric approach,” said Y.J. Kim, President of Samsung Electronics in Saudi Arabia.

“Muvi Cinemas is proud to partner with Samsung Electronics to launch the new Onyx Cinema LED screen, bringing the latest innovation in cinemas to our upcoming developments at U-Walk Riyadh, Nakheel Mall Riyadh and Mall of Dhahran. This mighty combination of a revolutionary screen and legendary sound will truly elevate the content and we are excited for Saudi cinephiles to experience this epic offering. With Samsung’s ground-breaking Onyx Cinema LED screen technology and HARMAN’s iconic JBL audio, movie goers in Saudi Arabia will immensely enjoy their experience at the theater and witness a huge leap in entertainment quality,” said Adon Quinn, General Manager Muvi Cinemas.

Samsung Onyx Cinema LED screens deliver unparalleled picture quality, technical performance and reliability beyond that of traditional projector-based operations. The extraordinary display installed at Muvi Cinemas combines 4K resolution, HDR picture quality, infinity to 1 contrast and up to 500 nits. Onyx is also 3D-ready and Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI)-certified, providing the flexibility to display a wide variety of content types.

Samsung’s Onyx LED screens have been installed across the world, through partnerships with Swagath Theater in Bangalore, Pacific Theaters in the United States, Arena Cinemas’ Sihlcity theater in Switzerland and now with Muvi Cinemas in Saudi Arabia.

The screen offers powerful, captivating and larger-than-life visuals with greater attention to detail. It is capable of delivering true colors with HDR support with greater vibrancy and accuracy along with sharp contrast, higher levels of brightness and great viewing angles that offer correct picture ratios (not distorted as is the case with projection screens) and are unaffected by ambient light; eliminating optical distortion and interference. The disruptive technology is a breakthrough in the cinema industry, which has been relying on projector-based system for decades.

The sound system at Muvi Cinemas is comprised of Onyx Sound, an innovative audio solution that incorporates industry leading products from the HARMAN family of brands including Crown amplifiers, BSS signal processing, and JBL Professional’s loudspeakers and exclusive Sculpted Surround technology. The Onyx Sound reproduces today’s dynamic soundtracks with stunning clarity and detail.

Muvi Cinemas, the first nationally owned and operated cinema in Saudi Arabia, opened its doors in August 2019 at the Mall of Arabia in Jeddah. This Saudi cinema is operated by Next Generation Company and is filled with outstanding Saudi talents. The first Muvi Cinemas in Jeddah accommodates 1,950 guests in 15 screens and offers 21 seats for audiences with special needs.

Samsung Electronics and Muvi Cinemas will participate in MENA Cinema Forum 2019 between October 22nd and October 24th in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

About Onyx Cinema LED

The Onyx display easily accommodates any venue configuration while delivering unmatched visual quality, technical performance and reliability over traditional projectors. The screen maintains its advanced presentation capabilities in ambient lighting conditions, regardless of the featured on-screen content. It also allows theater owners to utilize their theatres for corporate events, concerts and sports event viewing and gaming competitions.

Onyx SOUND: The screen offers state-of-the-art Onyx surround sound experience, the result of research and co-development by HARMAN and Samsung’s Audio Lab, bringing scenes to life through clear and precise audio. This innovative audio solution solves the challenges posed for center channel audio when incorporated with a solid cinema LED screen, which does not allow for the placement of loudspeakers behind the screen, which is the common placement in traditional cinemas. When combined together with JBL’s Sculpted Surround technology, Onyx Sound creates a seamless, immersive audio experience for viewers, regardless of their seat location, that further enhances the already stunning visuals offered by Onyx.

Onyx VIEW: Combined with an infinite contrast ratio and specialized low-tone greyscale settings, Onyx VIEW delivers brighter and more detail-rich content. The screen delivers High Dynamic Range (HDR) to cinema, showcasing on-screen contents at peak brightness level – nearly 10 times greater than that offered by standard cinema projectors (146fL versus 14fL). The display delivers improved uniformity, free of optical distortion and interference. It is industry’s first DCI-certified cinema display available in 5, 10 and 14-meter width.

3D Onyx Cinema LED: This screen makes 3D movie content more realistic through enhanced brightness and consistent color amplification. Glass-wearing viewers can now have the benefit of watching subtitle texts, images and even minor visual details with unprecedented clarity.

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