Red Sea Film Festival Hosts Shorts and New Saudi Cinema Competitions

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Jeddah – Asdaf News:
The first films of the Red Sea Shorts Competition and the New Saudi Cinema Competition were screened today at the Red Sea International Film Festival.

The Festival boosts the organizers’ commitment to developing and elevating Saudi film talent, as films chosen for the festival’s New Saudi Cinema category, which debuted this year, showcase the artistic talents of the Kingdom’s filmmakers.

The Festival aims to empower emerging talent, foster opportunities for success and provide a platform for them to exhibit their creations.

The 19 selected films have a duration of 5 to 44 minutes. They cover a diverse range of topics, such as confronting extremism, social adaptation and personal conflict resolution. All the films were produced by Saudi teams, with a majority of the production or filming taking place in Saudi Arabia.

The selected films in the short films category include: Street 105, The Ride, Fishbowl, Kum-Kum, I’m Fine, The Menace from Above, Saleeg, Antidote, Fishy, The Old School, Art Block, Detour, The Last Winter, Khaled El Sheikh: Between the Thorns of Art and Politics, and Fiasco Run.

Program Manager of the New Saudi Cinema at the Red Sea Film Festival Foundation Mohyeeddin Qari emphasized the festival’s dedication to representing and celebrating Saudi cinema. He said that the organizers look forward to presenting diverse and inspiring stories from all parts of the Kingdom that showcase creativity and innovation.–SPA

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