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A senior executive at LG Electronics has communicated the company’s intention to expand its presence in the Middle East and Africa’s HVAC industry. Speaking at a virtual conference yesterday, the head of LG’s Air Solutions business division Dr. Lee Kam-gyu shared the brand’s vision to become a trusted partner in the region based on the values of integration, expertise, and commitment. He also highlighted a new portfolio of air purification solution products for residential, office and commercial environments.

“Most people may think of LG as a washing machine and refrigerator brand, but we provide solutions in many sectors that consumers don’t see,” remarked Dr. Kam-gyu. “LG is constantly investing in capabilities to raise the trust of our customers and we will reinforce this commitment through better integrated solutions, expert insights and more dedicated support to become a trusted partner for HVAC in the region.”

Since the global COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting increase in time spent indoors, concerns over indoor air quality have grown. The need for high-quality HVAC and air management solutions have increased, with LG’s products – which not only meet, but surpass guidelines for clean air in the region – seeing unexpected demand.

To further raise the value offered to MEA customers and enhance their levels of trust in the brand, LG is focusing on its three core values of integration, expertise and commitment. As an integrator, LG will deliver even more optimized HVAC and energy management solutions for each project to help minimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for its clients. With its deep technological expertise, the company will advise its customers to find the most effective and efficient solution to any problem. As a committed partner, LG promises to go beyond the installation of its solutions to service, maintain and help manage its products throughout each system’s lifecycle.

James Lee, President of LG Middle East and Africa, reiterated LG’s experience and commitment in the region. “The key reason behind our success in this region to date is our commitment to understanding and responding to the real needs of the MEA market,” said Lee. “Expanding beyond this will require significantly more technology, more innovation, and especially more customer service.”

Consistent with this strategy, LG has introduced products and solutions in the region that are designed to deliver the best technology the company as to offer. For example, the new ceiling-based DUAL Vane Cassette lineup boasts a powerful five-step air purification process that is seamlessly built into the unit itself. With its new air purification-inclusive design, this advanced product delivers various airflow modes that are optimized for all types of spaces, delivering clean, filtered air to its indoor destination.

Meanwhile, LG’s innovative Round Cassette for commercial spaces not only provides a luxurious design that makes a space look more inviting, but also covers larger areas and provides more flexible airflow than a conventional 4-Way cassette. Detailed control over the wind direction makes it possible for its cool breeze to spread widely and evenly.

“As a global total provider of HVAC solutions, we look forward to enriching both human life and nature in the Middle East and Africa,” added Lee.

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