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Kun International Sports Opens Two Branches

The First Smart Gym Linked to a Smart Mobile App in Saudi Arabia

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Jeddah – :

Kun International Sports, the fitness company dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyle in Saudi Arabia, opened the first two branches (one for Men and one for Women) in a series of gyms under its newly-launched brand, (B-IT Fitness). Located in Al Hamra, Jeddah, the branches will be the Kingdom’s first smart gyms with a smart mobile application to provide the Saudi community with a high-value yet affordable fitness offering, which will encourage all community members to participate in sports for a better health.

(B-IT Fitness) implements smart technologies across their venues while providing a smart mobile application to help customers monitor their performance accurately. Customers will enjoy practicing sports in a welcoming and motivating environment which promotes a healthier lifestyle.

Mohammed Badr Alireza, CEO of Kun International Sports, said: “As a leading Saudi brand focusing on sports and fitness, (Kun International Sports) contributes to achieving the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030, which considers a healthy and balanced lifestyle an essential mainstay of a high quality of life, thus collaborating with the private sector to create additional facilities and programs to achieve this goal. With this in mind, (B-IT Fitness) was conceived and designed in response to the new modern and tech-savvy lifestyle of Saudis, especially as we live in a youthful community where 60% of the people are under the age of 35, with both males and females are increasingly keen on adopting a healthier lifestyle”.

“(B-IT Fitness) utilizes smart technology to serve its customers across all the gym’s facilities and offer them an unmatched sports experience within a welcoming environment which boasts modern design, world-class sports equipment and an empowering smart mobile app”, he added.

Daran Woodward, Chief Operating Officer of Kun International Sports , said: “(B-IT Fitness) expansion plan in Saudi Arabia reflects the company’s mission to promote sports and fitness locally, while making them accessible to the entire community through our branches that will be located across the Kingdom. Therefore, the rates and packages have been carefully designed to meet the needs of the diverse groups in our society, males and females alike. To make it even more accessible, the branches for men and women were designed to be closer to one another to encourage all family members (Males and Females) to exercise in two completely separate, yet adjacent gyms.”

“The two (B-IT Fitness) branches that were recently opened in Jeddah will be followed soon by our branch in the Diplomatic Quarter in Riyadh, marking the beginning of a 70-branch chain of gyms that will be spread out across the Kingdom over the next five years”, he concluded.

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