GACA obliges all Air Cargo companies with health safety requirements to prevent Coronavirus

Newsgate360 – Riyadh: GACA, implemented several preventive measures to combat the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Kingdom’s airports, in coordination with the Ministry of Health. GACA obliged the air freight companies operating in Saudi airports to comply with health safety requirements and take all health and preventive measures, in order to ensure the continuity of shipping and supply operations and the arrival of goods and necessary products. Furthermore, the flow of goods to the air freight stations in the Kingdom’s airports in a safe and secure manner.

The procedures and practical steps taken by GACA included compelling air freight companies operating in the Kingdom’s airports to conduct sterilization and disinfection operations on a routine basis in all air cargo stations at airports and apply the highest levels of prevention in accordance with international safety and health standards. This in addition to providing sanitary sterilizers and distribute     preventive tools for all the cargo’s stations staff and visitors alike.

The Saudi Arabian Airlines Air Cargo Company has taken proactive steps to ensure the continuity of all shipping and supply operations and the arrival of necessary goods and products, that include medical equipments, medicines and foodstuffs. The company operates on the basis of official decisions, instructions and directives to ensure compatibility between meeting humanitarian needs and protecting public safety. Furthermore, all cargo flights will continue to operate in all stations, work in these stations is proceeding as planned, in order to mitigate the impact of the imposed suspension, and the decision to suspend passenger flights as a precautionary measure has led Saudi Cargo to operate a number of additional flights to other stations for additional shipping capacity. The company will also continue its cargo flights on humanitarian and commercial basis and will operate on certain commercial and safe ports and major shipping terminals around the Globe.

The Saudia Cargo Company is keen to ensure the continuation of its pricing policies without any changes within the operational cost with the aim of continuing supply to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company also operated more than (300) air cargo flights to and from various countries around the world to deliver shipments and goods, with a total capacity of more than 14 million kilograms, since the beginning of this month, which constitutes a high operational rate, in comparison to the current time period and the conditions that many international markets are suffering from, due to the Novel Coronavirus pandemic.

GACA indicated that one of the precautionary measures taken by the Saudi Company for Logistics Services (SAL) operating throughout the Kingdom’s airports is to educate its employees and the workforce of outside companies associated with air freight operations of ways of prevention of the new Coronavirus. This in addition to translating all awareness-raising safety campaigns into the Urdu language. The company also set up medical check-up points at all stations for workers and visitors alike. Furthermore, the company provided its working staff with all means of prevention and protection, and made sure to caution workers that shared surfaces are to be avoided. It also removed all entertainment devices from all areas, and activated the remote work system for public departments. The Saudi Logistics Services Company is making all preparations to provide ground handling services and logistical support for all goods in gathering stations inside the major airports around the Kingdom around the clock.

GACA had announced earlier that work was going on as usual in receive air freight around the clock in all airports throughout the Kingdom. GACA called on all air freight companies operating in the Kingdom’s airports to implement the precautionary and preventive measures implemented in Saudi airports and follow the health instructions given in Kingdom to prevent the Novel Coronavirus.

It is worth noting, that GACA seeks to raise the operational efficiency in the field of airfreight in the Kingdom, and improves the process of logistical integration at the regional and international levels. This will leads to enhance the Kingdom’s position and making it a regional logistical center, benefiting from its strategic geographical location as a linkage center for the three continents.

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