Dell Virtual holds virtual summit on how to Harness your Digital Future

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By: Samar Yahya

Newsgate360 – Riyadh: Dell Technologies held a virtual summit recently themed “Harness your digital future”.

Mohammed Amin, Sr. VP – MERAT at Dell Technologies delivered the welcome note and commented on the current business environment:

“Our priority is to keep each other and our communities healthy and safe, while taking care of our customers’ most critical business needs, so we will continue to harness technology to drive transformation and enable business continuity.

“It is clear that technology and innovation are constantly creating new opportunities that are changing the way we work today and in the years to come. Organizations have recognized that IT and workforce transformation are key to long-term business success and many, have started to change their operating models and organizational structures to accommodate this need for change.”

He also said that significant benefit is seen associated with having a fully-integrated, multi-cloud platform that helps simplify operations and reach new levels of business agility, reliability and data protection.

“Then we have workforce transformation, where everyone wants to work the way they want, without restrictions, collaborating and communicating with colleagues in a natural, seamless way. At Dell Technologies, we have been championing a flexible work environment internally for decades and this experience has helped us to develop a broad portfolio of products and solutions that empower our own remote workers and turn challenges of access and geography into opportunity.” Amin said

The keynote was under the theme “Make it Real” by Walid Yehia, Pre-Sales Senior Director, Middle East, Russia, Africa, Turkey (MERAT). This session talked about the key elements involved with transforming digitally into a streamlined organization to enable the innovation engine to achieve a digital future.

Commenting on connected workforce trends, Yehia said:

“The unrelenting pace of digital and workforce transformation creates new challenges consistently and yet also presents huge opportunities for companies to get things right. The transformation into a digital workplace does not come about easily.

“Older enterprises are set in their top-down approach to IT services, wherein enterprise product investment by the IT department has resulted in an environment in which only vetted and approved corporate applications can be used. At Dell Technologies, we are helping our customers develop modern and digitally enabled workforces through end-to-end, integrated infrastructure from the edge-to-the-core-to-the-cloud. From creating hyper-tailored experiences for everyone with the right apps, data, services and devices to enabling office, remote, home and on-the-go collaboration with total security, an organization’s technology choices are key to making remote workers more connected and their business more competitive.” Yehia added

Analyst Keynote was by Santhosh Rao – Gartner Senior Director Analyst, he shared the industry insights and updates on how to ensure business continuity in the face of crisis. The top 5 cost optimization opportunities for the IT decision maker and how to digitally transform before the next crisis.

Dell technologies has been preparing for such scenarios like the current COVID-19 situation for more than a decade, by championing a flexible work environment which is a key component of the company’s culture.

Connected Workplace program that was established in 2009, is a strategic business initiative which allows employees to choose the work style that best fulfills their needs on the job and in life in a highly mobile, collaborative, and flexible work setting. This program is much more about a change in how we think about work – where work is not anchored to one place and time and instead is focused on outcomes.

Dell has established a 2020 goal in 2013 to enable 50% of the workforce to work flexibly. Today, over 65% of Dell’s staff are with flexible working options.

This has helped Dell in developing a broad portfolio of products and solutions to empower remote workers and turn challenges of access and geography into opportunity. Thus, during this difficult time, Dell Technologies, is uniquely prepared to help organizations meet remote workforce needs with hardware and software solutions, as well as deep experience in promoting a flexible, secure remote experience to companies that need it set up quickly.

Today, Dell Technologies is working with many of the customers in multiple sectors to ensure they have the right workforce transformation solutions in place.

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