AVEVA CEO: Our Business in Saudi Arabia is extended in diverse fields

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During AVEVA World Conference that was held in Abu Dhabi on 22 January, Craig Hayman AVEVA CEO said that AVEVA technology is not limited to Oil and Gas sector, but in infrastructure AVEVA helped National Water Company (NWC) of Saudi Arabia to boost efficiency with unified information that was held in different systems and AVEVA installed 1 million point system platform at NWC command center in Riyadh. Also, in Food and beverage, AVEVA‘s MES solution helps Almarai overall equipment efficiency. “We work with Saudi Aramco and a lot of their EPCs, they use our design tools to design manufactures, engineering facilities.”

“With respect to Saudi Arabia, all our clients in Saudi Arabia have their own digital transformation journey and we are working with them in their journey. In addition to oil and gas, we also focus on food and beverage, smart cities which we are on board in different aspects with our experience”. Hayman added

On data Hayman said: “We are B2B business and not a consumer business so we do not deal with any data related to consumers in any way. We are working with data connected to valves and not to people. We give the customer the information about the used tools and how to be safe. Our customers’ data is their data; we do not own it and we do not access it.”

As for jobs and labour force in the industrial sector Hayman stated that the sector has 95% of non- labour productivity improvement in the industrial sector. The new technology will be adding value to the present labour force and that technology helps people do their jobs with more data and information. It also helps them employees to operate safely and the equipment to operate more productively. It is different here than other sectors such as retail for example.

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