Asharq News Unveils its Schedule of Programmes Hosted by Prominent Arab Anchors

New multiplatform economic and political news service

Riyadh – :

In the run-up to the launch of its additional digital platforms, Asharq News, launched on November 11, a new leading multiplatform economic and political news service, unveiled its initial schedule of programmes, that take an innovative and holistic approach to events, reflecting its editorial vision.

Asharq News provides an insightful and diverse mix of political and economic news, programmes and documentaries.

Daily Programmes:

7:00AM KSA: Assabah Maa Cyba (Morning with Cyba), hosted by Cyba Audi. The first Arabic business morning show in the Middle East targeting business leaders in the Arab region. The programme explores news and information related to Asian and American economies, and expectations regarding their impact on the region. It also features tourism, travel, weather updates and the “Radar” segment that monitors upcoming events.

11:30AM KSA: Economic Bulletin – First Session, hosted by Nour Amache. Provides a breakdown of the most important economic news in the region, financial indexes, and the performance of regional markets for the day.

1:30PM KSA: Economic News – Asharq Indicators, hosted by Mohamed Fathy. Offers a quick look at the closures of some GCC markets and major developments in European markets.

2:30PM KSA: Aswaaq Al Sharq (Eastern Markets), hosted by Abdullah Al Subaiae. Daily economic bulletin that analyses the Saudi economic landscape.

3:00PM KSA: Sharq wa Gharb (East and West), hosted by Maya Hojeij. Presents a sweeping overview of the Arab markets from Casablanca to Bahrain, concluding with a quick look at the closing of the Egyptian market, in addition to European economic news as well as preparing for the opening of the American market.

6:00PM KSA: Al Rabet (The Link), hosted by Makki Helal and Sahar El Mizari. Links the most prominent political developments of the day, explaining their impact on the economy.

7:00PM KSA: Jalsat Al Masa’a (The Evening Session), hosted by Zeina Soufan. Sums up the economic events of the day, and addresses investment opportunities and challenges with an important focus on the success stories of young entrepreneurs and start-ups.

8:00PM KSA: Alwan Asharq (Colours of the East), hosted by Rasha Khatib and Hadil Eleyan. For seven days a week, the two presenters take turns breezing through topics ranging from current affairs to human interest stories in the format of a video magazine, covering highlights from politics, health, technology, economics and more.

9:00PM KSA: Da’erat Asharq (East Circle), hosted by Zeina Yazigi. A two-hour political talk show that reviews the events of the day and examines them from its ‘five corners’.

12:00AM KSA: Al Ertidad Sharqan (Eastern Rebound), hosted by Moataz El-Demerdash and Abdullah Al Yahya: Examines the most prominent global developments that take place daily and their expected impacts on the Arab region.

News Segments: Aired every hour on the hour from 9:00AM KSA to 2:00PM KSA and presented by young anchors from different Arab countries.

Weekly Programmes:

Sunday, 5:00PM KSA: Al Madar (The Orbit) with Adhwan Alahmari. Broadcast from London, the journalist Adhwan Alahmari hosts policy makers and opinion leaders, with whom he delves into the details of crucial issues.

Tuesday, 5:00PM KSA: Ala Al Houdoud (On the Borders), hosted by Sahar El Mizari. Provides a weekly summary of the most important events that occur in countries neighbouring the Middle East, and their impact on the Arab world.

Wednesday, 5:00PM KSA: Maa wa Doud (With and Against), hosted by Makki Helal. Invites two opposing parties to present their opinions, giving the audience an opportunity to learn about the different dimensions of an issue of public interest.

Thursday, 5:30PM KSA: Isa’al Bassem (Ask Bassem), hosted by Dr. Bassem Yousef. Dr. Bassem Youssef returns to his audiences to suggesting the way to a healthier life.

Monthly Programmes:

Monday, 5:00PM KSA: Ba’ad Heen… (After a While), hosted by Khadija Rahali. Follows up on various topics that have caused significant controversy in the past. The great news momentum might bury issues and events very quickly. Therefore, the programme tracks major events that once dominated the news but are now forgotten, brings them back to the fore, and presents their current state and their repercussions to the public.

Friday, 5:00PM KSA: Amam Al Kawalees (In Front of the Scenes). Investigates programme that analyses mysterious and controversial issues. Investigative journalism today produces a vast array of visual, audio and written content across the globe. Media organisations that publish original investigative material enjoy higher credibility and a distinguished standing among their competitors. In addition, investigative journalism contains the suspense factor, which makes it sought-after by the public.

Friday, 5:30PM KSA: Ala Naheyah Okhra (On the Other Side). Introduces a selection of documentary films with a narrative element that will capture viewers’ hearts.

Monday, 5:00PM KSA: Yawm Ma’a… (A Day with…), hosted by Zeina Soufan. Through the lens of a camera, the programme offers the audience a unique opportunity to spend a day with top business and finance leaders and get to know them better through interactive discussions about their professional and personal achievements.

Led by a team of prominent Arab media professionals, Asharq News uses state-of-the-art technologies and best-in-class editorial practices to link news to its context, geographical setting, historical dimension, political depth, economic impact and social reality in line with its slogan, ‘Connecting the Dots’.

The Asharq News experience is delivered through a dedicated television channel as well as multiple digital platforms, offering useful and relevant content for business, opinion and policy leaders, and addressing the interests of the general public. Asharq News also focuses on aspiring entrepreneurs by covering the success stories of young Arabs in its programmes. With such content, Asharq News aims to give hope to the youth to build their future independently, move ahead confidently and start their own businesses.

Asharq News’ 24/7 news segments bring content to Arab audiences in the Middle East region and the rest of the world whenever and however they desire and enable them to consume what they need or what draws their attention. Its programmes take a fresh approach to content distribution and audience outreach, with some prime time shows airing even during the weekends.

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