Siranna by NEOM, AN Exclusive Tourism Escape

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NEOM – Asdaf News:

NEOM announced Siranna, a luxury travel destination that is the most recent with 35 private houses and a 65-key hotel.

As a sustainable regional development in northwest Saudi Arabia, Siranna is a place where sophisticated and creative living come together at an opulent location on the Gulf of Aqaba coast.

With its tiered construction providing a variety of vistas and perspectives, Siranna provides unobstructed views of the Red Sea. The hexagonal pillars that emerge from the rocky coastal environment are unique, yet they blend in well with the surrounding mountains and vegetation. Guests will go through the natural rock formations to get at the hidden bay by water and then arrive at the property’s stunning entrance.

With an emphasis on encouraging creativity and leisure, Siranna will provide guests and locals with the chance to get away from the clamour and interruptions of daily life and be with like-minded individuals in an environment that exudes style.

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