Saudi Karate Team wins nine medals at the ‘Youth League’

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Fujairah – Asdaf News:

The Saudi Karate team finished its participation in the International Youth Karate League Championship “Youth League” yesterday with nine medals won: five gold medals in the junior fighting competition category, two silver medals, and two bronze medals in the youth and Olympic divisions.

Saad Al-Saif won the gold medal in the 57 kg division of the junior fighting tournament, followed by Abdullah Al-Qahtani in the 70 kg division, Fazaa Al-Sayari in the 70+ kg division, and Mahdi Al-Munajim in the 57 kg division.

Sultan Al-Qahtani took home the gold medal in the 61 kg division of the youth fighting tournament, followed by Ali Makri in the 68 kg division and Rayan Al-Atwi in the 55 kg division.
Sanad Sufyani took home the gold medal in the 84+ kg division in the Olympic fighting sport, while Abdullah Al-Salem took home the bronze in the 68+ kg division.–SPA


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