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SGH Group boosts medical expertise through new and unique services

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Riyadh – :

Saudi German Hospitals (SGH) Group, one of the largest private hospital groups in the Middle East and North Africa, has announced that its hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have expanded its medical offerings with new and unique subspecialty clinics and services as part of its continuing efforts to enhance the quality of healthcare services across its facilities.

Saudi German Hospitals Group will operate new clinics to focus on diverse medical subspecialties such as allergy and immunology; pain management; arrhythmia and cardiac electrophysiology; hematology; oncology; endocrinology; rheumatology; infectious diseases; geriatric medicine; and pediatric care amid increasing cases in these areas.

Additional services are now available in specific hospitals with the addition of unique subspecialties within obstetrics and gynecology; general surgery; hepatobiliary; pediatric surgery; pediatric urology; bariatrics; cardiothoracic surgery; orthopedics; andrology; ear, nose and throat (ENT); ophthalmology; and dental care and maxillofacial surgery.

These additional services continue to position the Group as a highly unique and specialized healthcare leader in Saudi Arabia. SGH has already been known for its innovate approach to medical care as the first and only private hospital in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that is able to perform liver transplant surgeries. It recently announced its 12th successful liver transplant surgery, which was performed by the Elite Liver Transplant Center, the only center of its kind in the Western region of Saudi Arabia.

Additionally, SGH has introduced a very innovative treatment for advanced cancer cases. The treatment (named HIPEC) uses high temperature chemotherapy to directly target cancer cells.

SGH is the first private medical institution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to offer this type of innovative treatment that combines cancer surgery and chemotherapy and is one of the most powerful cancer treatments available for advanced cases.

Makarem Sobhi Batterjee, President, Saudi German Hospitals Group who has been the driving force behind the innovation at SGH, said: “The additional subspecialty clinics and services complement our ongoing commitment to efficiently and effectively deliver patient-focused services in line with our corporate values and long-standing reputation as a world-class healthcare provider in the region. Our ultimate mission is to lead the regional medical community into the future without losing sight of the wellbeing of our patients.”

“The new services and treatments are also reflective of our desire and strategy to provide world-class clinical care, close to home to the people of Saudi Arabia and beyond. To achieve our aspiration, we have meticulously studied the needs of our communities and have addressed the areas where there has been gaps and a need for more medical care. We aim to be able to bring our community the healthcare services they need and deserve,” he added.

The new services and treatments along with the already well-established unique services will enable Saudi German Hospitals Group to offer more customized and personalized care to patients to meet their specific medical needs.

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