Opening of the Spain exhibition Ektashif Al Andalus 2023 at the Museum of Islamic Art

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Doha – Asdaf News:

Ektashif Al Andalus 2023 Spain, an art show inspired by the historical sites and conventional Islamic art styles of Spain, has been organized by the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA).

The exhibition features works by ten Qatari artists Fai Abdullah Albuainain, Ghada Alsuwiadi, Rowda Al Suwaidi, Ahmed Nooh, Fatma Almalki, Jaber Henzab, Khalid AlJanahi, Malak Khalid, Kholoud Aldosari and Noora Melhm who recently visited three cities (Granada, Cordoba and Madrid) in Spain, as part of an educational collaboration between the Museum of Islamic Art and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar.

The Ektashif trip, an annual event, took participants to important historical sites in Granada and Cordoba, including the Alhambra Palace, Patio de los Perfumes, Al Aire Institute of Art, where they studied engraving, egg tempera painting, and gilding on gypsum techniques, Madinat al-Zahra, and finally Casa Arabe, where they took part in a workshop to create linocut prints.

Each artist was then required to create four to five pieces of art that were motivated by their trip and participate in a public discussion panel on their artistic adventures in Spain. The public can visit the show, which is at the Museum of Islamic Art’s atrium, every day from 9 AM to 7 PM through October 16, 2023.

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