Japanese Restaurant “MiSora” Opens its Doors in Jeddah

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Jeddah – Asdaf News:

A Japanese eatery, “MiSora”, an exciting new contemporary restaurant offering a range of Japanese fusion food, announced the launch of its first branch in, Jeddah on Wednesday, offering a first look at the elegant restaurant to Jeddah’s elite.

Designed with the precise needs of the cosmopolitan Saudi market in mind to bring a unique, world-class addition to the Kingdom’s ever-evolving dining scene, the inauguration ceremony hosted top-notch guests, VIPs, members of the media and social media figures.

Located on Prince Sultan road, Al Rawdah district, MiSora, the fine dining Asian restaurant, focuses on authentic Japanese cuisine, including traditional sashimi and specialty rolls prepared with a regional approach that highlights fresh ingredients amid sophisticated presentations.

It also offers ‘fresh and innovative ‘ menu on Japanese sushi and cuisine including crafted salads, dim sum, robata and wok dishes.

With its talented Head Chef, Rafiq Abrahams preparing nothing but the best of Japanese dishes using the freshest ingredients, Japanese cuisine lovers and food connoisseurs are guaranteed a remarkable culinary journey at MiSora within its charming ambiance.

“Our intention is not just to serve Japanese cuisine, our intention is to immerse our patrons in the Japanese culture. From the kitchen to the table, from the preparation to the presentation, our dishes will exude the traditions of Japan and I am confident that the locals will notice,” states Rafiq Abrahams who has worked under the wing of the respected chef’s in the Middle East, such as Chef Shane McNeill & Colin Clague.

According to the Chef, MiSora restaurant is sourcing high quality ingredients from across the world, he commented: “Bringing Asian ingredients to the Middle East is something that will keep Misora patrons coming back for more. Ingredients that will entice the taste buds and create a sense of curiosity is the key to maintaining happy patrons.

“I believe that the overall dining experience will be something that will keep locals and especially the young locals coming back for more. There are a few tricks up my sleeve which is just a bit premature to say, all I can say is watch this space,” he adds.

About his aim in bringing something different in Jeddah, Rafiq Abrahams said: “My aim is to engage as many senses as possible. It is not just about arousing the eyes and the palate. Patrons need to feel that they are walking into a new world. Those who have been to Japan will have sense of familiarity. We want to foster a warm and inviting atmosphere by training the staff to provide exceptional hospitality whilst patrons feel embraced by the rich cultural tapestry Misora has to offer.”

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