Introducing Samsung Knox integrated security technology for business and remote learning

Newsgate360 – Riyadh: The current situation requires employees to work from home. To ensure safe usage and keep users and their data safe, Samsung Group’s Knox security solution provides customers using Samsung devices with high standards of security and privacy in light of the increasing threats and security breaches that target business platforms of all types and sizes.

With the heightened threats affecting the security of users’ devices, especially their smartphones, Samsung has continuously developed its methods and innovations to face current, future and expected challenges. In fact, it has taken the highest standards of safety and protection into consideration when designing the phones, and equipped its smart devices with protective security layers starting from the actual chipset of the device and extending to the other parts, so that it remains secured with Samsung Knox service from the moment the user turns it on.

The Samsung Knox service performs two main tasks: The first is data encryption service that complies with the highest international encryption standards. The process uses software encryption across applications, as well as the usual encryption of electronic circuits that is done through the components of the device and relies on a special chip, thus elevating the encryption standards to another level, making it impossible to access the device.

The second task is to create a safe space for work purposes within the smartphone that would be completely separated from the space used for the daily personal information, where all applications and files are found. This space remains safe, encrypted and inaccessible from the normal space. Even if the user is exposed to fraud attacks or malware on his personal space, the attacker will not be able to access or impact that safe space created by Samsung Knox.

Samsung Knox service is compatible with many Samsung products, including Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, Galaxy A, Galaxy J and other tablet and wearable devices, guaranteeing the privacy and protection of business and personal data in a single device without the need to protect information technology from an external party. Furthermore, it automatically changes modes to allow the user to seamlessly switch between work and encrypted personal content without delay or a need to restart the device. This technology works on Android and Tizen operating systems, so that every device is protected as soon as it is turned on.

Samsung Knox provides users with a safe space that can act as a separate new phone without them needing to own another phone for work. This allows the user to use one Samsung device for complete separation between work and personal applications.

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