Cisco New IoT Sensor Solutions

Helps Businesses Simplify Data Visibility and Increase Safety and Efficiency

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Cisco announced today two new cloud-managed sensor solutions that help businesses simplify asset and facility monitoring across their organizations, from indoor IT closets to outdoor Operation Technology (OT) spaces at scale.

Many businesses today operate in commercial buildings with limited capacity and are supporting a growing mobile workforce. It is critical for business operators to have actionable data from their office space and assets to better manage network equipment performance and maintenance. Remote monitoring using IoT sensors offers a list of benefits to help improve efficiencies including employee safety by preventing unnecessary site visits and equipment checks, reducing network outages and downtime and reducing costs for premature equipment failure.

“Connecting sensors to the network and gaining access to multiple dashboards and its correlated data has become an increasingly challenging requirement at scale within today’s OT environments,” said Osama Al-Zoubi, Cisco CTO for Middle East and Africa. “With this announcement, Cisco is taking another step forward to provide customers and partners with scalable, simple solutions that provide end-to-end visibility and automation.”

Cisco is introducing two innovative IoT sensor solutions designed to simplify installs, offering enhanced security and scale:

  • Meraki MT sensors monitor indoor environments and IT infrastructure. Three models of cloud-managed devices – MT10, MT12 and MT20 – provide real-time data on indoor temperature, humidity, water leaks and property/room access.
  • Industrial Asset Vision sensors monitor OT assets and facilities in outdoor and industrial indoor spaces. Bundled in a new cloud-based management dashboard that fosters actionable visibility from the sensors to the network, the IP65 and IP67 rated sensors are pre-integrated with Cisco LoRaWAN IoT Gateway and provide insight for equipment and facilities temperature, humidity, vibration monitoring and lighting levels.

Customers across a range of industries including utilities, oil and gas, education, healthcare, manufacturing and retail have already deployed these solutions to improve their day-to-day operations and mitigate business disruptions and costly downtime.

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