TikTok Safety Ambassadors Program Rolls out in MENA

Amin and Nara in Saudi Arabia, Kris Fade, Shereen Mitwali in the UAE

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Riyadh – :

Staying safe online is increasingly important and today, as part of its ongoing commitment to its community and to promoting a positive and safe environment, TikTok has launched an innovative new safety initiative.

The “Safety Ambassador” program will feature content crafted by some of the region’s most loved personalities and creators such as Amin and Nara, Kris Fade, and Shereen Mitwali. The content is yet another resource available to help users navigate TikTok’s extensive safety features.

Video pieces shot by the ambassadors will cover a broad array of educational topics such as Digital Wellbeing, Trust and Safety and key features such as Family Pairing mode, which allows parents and teens to customize their safety settings based on individual needs.

Amin and Nara kicked off their series of content with a video covering cyberbullying and how to filter offensive comments and spams on TikTok.

Running in UAE, KSA and Egypt, the program is now live on TikTok. To learn more about TikTok’s Trust and Safety resources, please visit the TikTok Safety Center.

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