Thriwe Announces Aggressive Growth Plan for UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt with Strong Clientele

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Dubai – Asdaf News:

Thriwe, the leading benefit as a platform company in the UAE, is proud to announce that it currently serves 1.5 million customers through its 15 clients, which include major banks such as Emirates NBD, FAB, Emirates Islamic, Commercial Bank of Dubai, and Mashreq Bank.

Thriwe is committed to delivering personalized benefits and rewards across various segments, including golf and sports, lifestyle and wellness, travel, dining, and retail. As part of its future plans, Thriwe aims to deepen its market shares in the UAE, expand into new product categories such as beach clubs, hotel memberships, and luxury lifestyle products, and extend its reach to Saudi Arabia and Egypt over the next 18-24 months.

Thriwe recently hosted an exclusive fireside chat event titled “Power Drive with DRV ” at the Capital Club Dubai, featuring legendary Indian cricketer and former captain of the Indian cricket team, Kapil Dev, and Founder & CEO, Thriwe, Dhruv Verma. The event was exclusive to Capital Club members, where the chat centered around the boulevard of nostalgic learnings from their childhood, the aspirations that shaped them, and their ideas of going with the flow and accepting every challenge that comes their way.

During the event, Mr. Verma commented on the key learnings he lives by every day, stating, “Being fearless, being humble and being passionate are three key learnings I live by every day. The passion he lives every day, whether he plays golf or used to play cricket, is by far so very addictive.”

Mr. Kapil Dev shared his views on corporate strategy and his belief that sticking to a plan is crucial for success, saying, “When you shift from your Plan A to Plan B, you become a weak person. You have to stick to your plan and say this is our plan, and even if you don’t succeed, still stick to your plan. You will reach much closer to where you want to reach.”


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