Saudi Arabia closes malls, bans serving food in restaurants, cafes

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Newsgate360 -Riyadh: Saudi Arabia on Sunday shut down malls except for food stores and pharmacies, and banned serving food in restaurants and cafes, but allowed food delivery services, as part of the government’s efforts to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

The municipalities of Riyadh, Jeddah, and the Eastern Province all announced new measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus including shutting down all commercial complexes and closed malls, and stopping all activities inside them, including closing restaurants and play areas for children, with the exception of supermarkets and pharmacies.

The municipalities also banned eating and drinking inside restaurants and cafes, whether open or closed, and limiting the provision of the service to picking up orders through drive-thrus and by delivery only.

They also banned gatherings in open and closed public places including parks, beaches and the like.

The Kingdom’s ministry of health said on Sunday three people have recovered from the coronavirus, while a 100 were still being treated.

This article was first published in Al Arabiya English, by Tuqa Khalid

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