IMA Resala Scholarship Initiative Continues to Drive Outstanding Results

IMA Awards 16 Professional CMA Scholarships to Resala Charity Organization in Cairo

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Cairo – IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) awarded a total of 16 professional CMA scholarships to Resala Charity Organization & Resala Training Center (RTC), five of which were presented at a joint event in Cairo this week. The partnership, aimed at improving the accounting skills of professionals through free CMA training, continues to achieve high passing rates, further affirming the success of this initiative, now in its second year.

This collaboration, which began in 2017, has been enhanced further over the last two years to ensure professionals have an environment that is conducive to education. Since then, IMA has awarded 16 professionals with scholarships valued at EGP 27,285 each, comprising of an IMA membership, CMA entrance fee and CMA exam fees.

IMA honored RTC for leading, facilitating, and providing free CMA training courses to experienced professionals, recent graduates, and undergraduate students. Ahmad Mkhallati, IMA’s Director of Regional Partner Relationships, commended the exceptional efforts of the RTC who are aspiring to be the best free of charge CMA course trainers in Egypt by 2020.

“We have always been passionate about developing human talent by bridging the skills gap and appeal of CMA certification in the region,” said Mkhallati, “This program was introduced to improve accounting professionals’ skills in the Egyptian market and help them meet the demands of an increasingly competitive job market. Having grown from a small batch of 25 professionals to over 250 candidates to date is an incredible achievement. IMA is honored and proud to support this excellent initiative and such a brilliant group of professionals who have been able to achieve their CMA qualification by participating in RTC’s program.”

“We are very proud of the great results being achieved through our cooperation with IMA,” said Dr. Tamer Al-Khatib – Resala Charity Organization Board member and Head of the Patents Department at Zewail University. “This partnership has provided much needed access to highly qualified instructors who are passing on essential CMA knowledge and expertise to students, graduates and experienced management accountants in the Egyptian Finance Community. This initiative not only helps professionals to enhance their technical skills, but also to change their lives and expand the career opportunities.”

Resala is the first entity to provide CMA training free of charge. While the selection process is rigorous, the passing rates for professionals trained at RTC have been remarkable, with four out of five having passed both CMA exams in RTC’s first batch.

The extraordinary results are a testament to the passion and drive of the CMA instructors who facilitate these programs as a means of empowering the Egyptian workforce to meet current market needs. The program is expanding at a very rapid pace and will soon be introducing video training sessions to expand support beyond Cairo and into the wider Middle East region.

“We started this training program with 25 candidates and a mission to improve accounting skills in Egypt,” commented Mostafa Araby, Founder of the teaching CMA program at Resala Charity Organization and the Senior Financial Analyst at General Motors Egypt and North Africa, “In the past five years, with the support of the IMA, our program, has grown at an exceptional pace and I am confident that we will continue to achieve even greater success in the coming years by increasing the number of scholarships we provide, enhancing our classrooms, and creating video tutorial sessions.”


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