Dadan City and the Techniques of Archaeological Excavation are Introduced to AlUla Visitors

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The city of Dadan, located in AlUla, enjoys landmarks carved into the mountains and surrounding surroundings,  it is one of the most amazing finds in the area. For a brief period in the late 9th and early 8th centuries BC, it functioned as the capital of the Dadan Kingdom.

For all ages, the Dadan Visitor Centre has a charming workshop, aiming to provide learners a grasp of the scientific procedures used in antiquity excavation, transportation, and preservation.

Starting with the procedure of donning protective clothes, participants receive guidance throughout. After that, they receive an inventory form to record and explain their finds, digging instruments, and a variety of artefacts that resemble previously discovered artefacts. Skilled experts manage the workshop, guaranteeing an invaluable and instructive experience.

The workshop’s goal is to draw attention to how valuable and significant these antiques are. It also aims to shed light on the work done by scientists and other experts in the field and clarify the proper techniques for excavating antiquities.

The region’s buried gems and artefacts are being thoroughly explored and uncovered by the Royal Commission for AlUla in collaboration with multiple other authorities.–SPA

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