Natural Beauty and Geological Wonder in Tabuk at Hisma Desert

Tabuk – Asdaf News:

The northwest section of the Tabuk Region is covered by the Hisma Desert, a desert of red sands and vivid red sand mountains that create an enthralling landscape and fascinating geological site.

Over time, these mountains have been shaped by nature into fascinating shapes that preserve a history story and invite visitors to explore this outdoor museum.

There is no other place in the world like this strange and breathtaking scenery that has been created by the erosion of these mountains.

The Hisma Desert has seen the passage of caravans and travellers from numerous civilizations, serving as an important halt along a historic trade route to and from the Arabian Peninsula.

The numerous archaeological inscriptions discovered atop the tall mountains testify to their historical significance and highlight the wide diversity of of human history etched into the rocks.

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