BISSELL Leads in Innovation at the 2024 GCC Product Of The Year Awards

Dubai – Asdaf News:

BISSELL Middle East, Turkey and Africa, a beacon of innovation in the floorcare appliances industry, proudly announces its significant wins at the 2024 GCC Product Of The Year Awards. Garnering top honors in two pivotal categories, BISSELL’s CROSSWAVE® Category and Spot Cleaners Category have been distinguished as the Best Floor Cleaning Appliance and Best Portable Cleaner, showcasing the company’s dedication to exceptional cleaning performance and innovation.

This consumer-voted award, renowned as the most prestigious logo for product innovation across the GCC, highlights BISSELL’s commitment to delivering advanced cleaning technologies designed for the dynamic needs of contemporary households. The award, judged by a panel of 4,500 consumers in the Gulf, recognizes products that stand out for their innovative value and impact on consumer experiences.

The CROSSWAVE® Category and Spot Cleaners Category embody BISSELL’s relentless pursuit of excellence in cleaning technology. The CROSSWAVE® Category, celebrated for its unmatched efficiency and versatility, has redefined floor cleaning across the GCC. Similarly, the Spot Cleaners Category offers consumers the power of professional-grade cleaning for spot and stain removal, making it easier than ever to maintain pristine interiors.

“We are deeply honored to be recognized with the 2024 GCC Product Of The Year Awards for our CROSSWAVE® and Spot Cleaners categories. These awards are a testament to BISSELL’s legacy of innovation and our dedication to providing superior cleaning solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. It’s a reflection of our commitment to excellence and our passion for creating products that make cleaning efficient, effective, and enjoyable. We are inspired to continue leading the way in floorcare innovation,” said Faten Al-Baltaji, Director General Manager BISSELL Middle East, Turkey and Africa.

Journey to a cleaner, brighter future with BISSELL, where innovation meets tradition in every sweep, mop, and wash. More than just a name, BISSELL represents a promise of a spotless, effortless clean that transforms spaces into sanctuaries. Exploring the magic behind each product reveals a legacy of purity and performance, continuously redefining floorcare. BISSELL ensures that every day offers the promise of a new beginning.

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